Intellectual Property Practice Areas

We have had the pleasure of working with a hugely diverse group of creative and innovative clients during our careers. In so doing, we have gained expertise in a range of practice areas and industries.


Copyright protection is essential to the business of nearly every creative company and individual working in the film, television, publishing, music, art, and software industries. The valuation of copyrights is essential for proper tax and estate planning and management.
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Trademarks, whether in the form of brand names, logos, sounds, colors, scents, or other devices, identify your business and its products and services to the buying public. 
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We have been representing publishers and authors for almost 50 years.  
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Film and Television

We have many years of experience in representing clients in book to movie deals and the licensing of screenplay and teleplays for writers and production companies. 
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Participants in the music industry, whether they are songwriters, musicians, producers, or labels, face a myriad of legal issues on a daily basis. 
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Digital and Internet

The field of Digital and Internet law is a growing and constantly evolving practice area that is built upon a number of more traditional areas, including copyright, licensing, privacy, security, and insurance. 
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